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Throughout her professional life Elizabeth Morgan has worked in the entertainment business as an actor writer, director and teacher and has appeared in numerous television serials and series.

She has written a over 2 dozen plays for BBC R4, (see radio plays section), several short stories, four recently published in collections, four television plays, four plays for theatre, and published four books.

In television, she has played in many serials, including ‘One of the family’ ’District Nurse’ ‘We are Seven’ ‘The Old Devils” (Booker Prize) by Kingsley Amis ‘ Crossroads’ (ATV) in which she acted for 6 months and wrote the scripts for three.

She supplied the voices of Destiny and Rhapsody and Harmony Angels in Gerry Anderson’s original serial ‘Captain Scarlet,’ still being recorded.

Liz has played in many theatres and toured with her one-woman plays in the UK and USA and has been a visiting lecturer in Brighton University’s Creative Writing department.

Liz was originally trained as a teacher at Whitelands College, in London, specialising in English  and History  . She went on  to  do an LRAM  in Speech and Drama  at the Royal Academy of Music,  followed by an ADB  (Associate of the Drama Board ) becoming Head of Drama in Shoreditch Comprehensive School After numerous productions at the school , she left teaching for  the theatre , and  all its related disciplines, returning to Cardiff University to do her Masters in Creative Writing and teaching  classes of Undergrads She has also taught and directed post graduates at the Webber Doulgas Academy , The Rose Bruford College directing the graduates' play at the Aldgate theatre London , and at ARTTS , a post grad theatre school affiliated to York University where she taught Radio acting and writing. She adjudicated  public speaking competitions at the International schools of Nice and Monaco and  briefly taught in the latter..

​Since having her first book on France ‘Can we afford the Bidet?,’ published (Queen Anne Press 1993) she has written dozens of articles for magazines; ’Traditional Homes’ ‘House and Garden’ ‘Homes and Gardens’ ’Saga Magazine.’

‘Life Style French Style’ (How To Books 2007) is her second book on France and available. This takes a detailed regional look at France and French life

She was frequently asked to give talks to ex pats in France, book clubs, societies and the British Society of Monaco.

 The Welsh Emigration to Patagonia was a subject close to her heart . Many of her family, steel workers largely emigrated to the States. Her book ‘Ticket to Paradise’ was successfully showcased at the Hay on Wye Book Festival in 2015. 

Her second historically based novel ‘Verboten/Forbidden’ set in WW2 France, is an improbable love story set against the Nazi occupation and the French Resistance. She researched authentic documents some handwritten written by members of the French Resistance, recounting particular local incidents, at the Bibliothèque in Nimes .As yet the book is unpublished .

The radio plays cover a wide range, of subjects: researched histories, female medical issues ,social class divisions and marital dilemmas relating specifically to women.

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